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Depth Jumps

Depth Jumps

Depth Jumps are the secret weapon of all elite athletes. This is because it enables you to super overload your muscles, something you can't do by just jumping because you only ever fall from the highest height you can jump. I'll say that again, "you only fall from the highest height you can jump!"

For those that don't know, depth jumps are an exercise where an athlete drops from a height then jump up as high as they can. This process enables a athlete to build up energy like a spring when they land and release it on the way up to jump higher. It's the 'fall' in the depth jump that teaches the muscle how to be like springs! Imagine if your legs were like springs! Power Plyos teaches athletes how to perform the depth jump perfectly and follows a breakthrough depth jump equation that overloads your muscles depending on your vertical jump ability for better gains. By the time you're finished with Power Plyos you'll be like a human spring!

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