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How To Jump Like A Flea

Jump Like A Flea

Today I'm going to teach you how to jump with the help of a flea! Because it's important to master the art of jumping before wanting to increase your vertical jump.

As you may of read on Power Plyos there are 2 stages to the vertical jump: the Loading stage and the Release stage.

The Loading phase is just as important as the Release phase yet most athletes totally ignore it. If you have ever watched a flea jump, which you may understandably have not, you would of noticed the importance of the loading phase.

Fleas have this really cool material called Resilin, this material is so resilient and elastic it acts like a spring saving all the fleas downward force and transferring it into raw vertical energy.

Dr. Chris Evans of the CSIRO put it this way: "Fleas have a pad of it in their legs. They squeeze and compress it, storing energy in it." When they want to jump "they release all that energy in a millisecond".

A pity we don't have Resilin in our joints, instead we got tendons! We often take tendons for granted, we think they're pointless in comparison to muscles. But, like Resilin they are capable of storing huge amounts of elastic energy.

How do we harness this elastic energy you say?

With plyometrics of course!

For athletes who do not train with plyometrics their body doesn't know how to store this elastic energy. Instead it converts a huge percentage of the loading phase energy into pointless heat.

Power Plyos is designed to store elastic energy in your tendons and muscles to release it into vertical momentum instead of heat.

So ask yourself do you want to to waste 50% of your vertical jump on heat or do you want to jump like a flea? If you said "Flea" I'm guessing you already have been smart enough to get your copy of Power Plyos.

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