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Truth About Platform Shoes

Do Platform Shoes Increase Vertical Your Jump?

Frontal plyometric platform shoes, like Jumpsoles or Sky Flex, are said to increase the benefit of any plyometric exercise and increase your vertical jump.

This is not true! Today I will reveal the truth...

If you're not sure what platform shoes are, they are simply like normal shoes but with a solid peice of rubber underneath the sole near the front of the shoe. The idea is that the calfs will have to take extra tension while exercising.

Frontal platform shoes may give the calf muscles a great plyometric exercise but take away the benefits of the plyomertics on the major and more important jumping muscles.

The balance and control that the major jumping muscles lose when landing and taking off due to the use of platform shoes being worn, and stops them from being able to harness vital stored elastic energy. This therefore stops the benefits of plyometric training in the first place.

Frontal platform shoes still have their place in plyometric training as they deliver a great calf workout. So you can include some platform shoes exercises to target the calf muscles but in my opinion its not worth the price tag.

Power Plyos doesn't just focus on the calf muscles but it also targets the more important muscles, like the quads, hamstrings and back to multiply your gains and give faster results!

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