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How To Unleash Elastic Energy

Elastic Energy

In 1972 a russian athlete Valery Borozov won the 100m and 200m dash using a rumored secret training technique invented by Russian Professor Yuri Verkhoshansky. The western world discovered secret documents of this training method, translated it and used it to build some of the most explosive athlete in the world. The only problem is the training principle was poorly translated at the time, and because of that the powerful training method of "plyometrics" is still poorly understood and Is only truly known to the worlds top trainers and athletes. Plyometrics are the most important training method for any athlete wishing to increase vertical jump, yet its the most un-used. Any athlete who ignores plyometrics is wasting vital energy built up by the muscles during jumping, their missing out on half the energy for a vertical jump.

Test is for yourself: place your palm face down on a table, then try to hit the table as hard as you can with your middle finger. That wasn't very hard was it? Now try the same thing but pull your finger back like a sling shot before trying to hit the table. What happens? The finger hits the table so hard you almost put a hole in it! This is because you build up vital potential elastic energy in your finger before release that multiplies the power output of the finger. Imagine if you could get your legs to harness this power! I have seen athletes go from below average to above average verticals in a few months just by sticking to a plyometrics program like "Power Plyos". Its time you got your hands on Power Plyos now and stop wasting your athletic future!

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