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Top Five Vertical Jump Exercises

Depth Jumps

No other exercise overloads the eccentric portion of the vertical jump more. It can easily be adjusted to increase overload to give steady constant improvements in vertical jump.


Doubles the resistance due to only one leg being used to generate power. Greater amounts of coordination and stability are need to perform the movement than standard two legged jumps causing a greater overload of the central nervous system.

Squat Jumps

Uses huge range of motion and incorprates explosive strength from the hips and quadriceps.

Power Thrusts

Like the Squat Jump it incorporates great hip and quadriceps explosive strength and even greater range of motion with a huge plyometric overload on each leg if done correctly.

Rim Jumps

The best way to improve a skill, is to practice the movement as closely to the skill you wanted to improve. Do rim jumps to simulate the actual movement that you are trying to improve upon.

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